CYStone is a start-up company, providing personal consulting and advice in traffic and transportation, with the emphasis on
research, development and application of new techniques, products and services
Contact: Cystone@cystone.NL

We provide relevant services with the following:
--Modeling capability
--Fast test and application possibility: short cycle for new product
--RD & management
--Specific China market access: tailor-made
marketing, partnership or joint-venture
--Logit (discrete choice) modelling, with stated-preference and revealed preference techniques
--Transport and traffic forecast
--Real-time traffic modelling and application (i.e. dynamic OD estimation)
--New traffic data collection system
--Data fusion and methods
--Market research
Dynamic O-D estimation
Describing traffic movement from one place to another during a given departure time.
Product REMODE is available for both static and dynamic OD estimation for large network.
Real-Time Traffic Modeling:
Using historical and real-time observation data from
various sources (loop, GPS, camera or Bluetooth), we
can build and calibrate real-time traffic models, for both
network-wide traffic state estimation and prediction. This
can further be enhanced by a vehicle-based simulation
for the assessment of traffic control measures as well as
their impact.
Decision Support System
Proposing a typical scenario to a traffic problem and
operating control system to alleviate traffic
Personalized Travel Advisor:
Based on our real-time traffic modeling capability, we can
build a Personalized Travel Advisor, with multi-modal
travel information. This advisor is based on both historical
median for a given traveler's profile and real-time
personal request.
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